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How many times have you looked for social media advice and the most commonly cited tip is arguably the most difficult to achieve? Consistency is no simple task, and hiring us to help with social media will ensure your profiles stay active regardless of what fire you’re fighting today.



You’ve worked hard for every follower and customer you have to date, and we know you want to treat each and everyone with the attention they deserve. Hiring out social media will add an extra pair of eyes that can make sure no question goes unanswered, compliment goes unreceived, or complaint goes unmanaged. We can monitor and keep you up to date with what folks are saying online so that to your customers you’re never missing a beat.



You might be thinking… content research? Social media managers are experts in their field, and we’re doing constant research to keep on top of trends and understand the often changing platforms to the best of our ability. We know how tough and time-consuming it can be to keep up with everything happening on social media, and we’re happy to help you with that.



Hiring a skilled social media manager means that they’re able to ‘read the tea leaves’ and understand what the analytics are telling you. Sometimes analytics are a result of algorithm changes, tags, content, hook sentences, creative, and more. Hiring an expert will take some of the trial and error away when it comes to posting the content that has the highest chance of success to your page.

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Why trust us?


Over 7 years of experience in professional social media management 

Experience with small-medium sized businesses, not-for-profit, and large political and corporate accounts

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing 

Proven track record of growth on channels 

We’re a boutique social media agency with a focus on empathy and integrity, and we take that seriously 

Custom options to suit every need, including partial management options 

  • Partial Management (Instagram and Facebook)
    Starting at 3 posts per platform, per week Monthly meeting (or e-mail) outlining analytics Community management Content research Hashtag research Investment starts at $397 per month. Contact for more information.
  • Full Social Media Management
    The investment of full management of social media platforms depends on exact requirements and expectations, as well as which platforms are required and the type of business being advertised. If you're unsure of your requirements, we're happy to provide you with free recommendations based on your budget and goals on social media. Investment starts at $700 per month. Contact for more information.
  • 6-week Partnership
    Weekly 1-hour phone calls Package of materials to get you started Customized advice and analytics review The package for the DIY-er who wants to be pointed in the right direction Investment: $497 one-time fee. Contact for more information.
  • One-Time Pinterest Boost
    Take existing content (photos, graphics, etc) and transfer them to Pinterest linking back to key web pages This package is geared towards lifestyle brands, consumer products, home brands, fashion brands, or other aesthetically motivated industries Pinterest is a long-term investment that can pay dividends for years and increase traffic to your website for years after creating a post. Maximum of 50 pins for this package Content Research Hashtag Research Curating 3 boards for your business including your own pins and the pins of others You will leave with a complete Pinterest that you can be proud of and maintain periodically as you get more product Investment: $997 one-time fee. Contact for more information.
  • Monthly Pinterest Management
    3 new pins per week Content research Hashtag research 1 curated inspiration board created on behalf of your business per month Monthly meetings (or e-mails) detailing efforts being made on Pinterest and updates on news Investment starts at $197 per month. Contact for more information.
  • Social Media Copywriting
    Rates start at $3 per post (for bulk rates) 100+ posts : $3 per post 50-99 posts : $4 per post 25-49 posts : $5 per post 0-24 posts : $6 per post Max words: 300 per post Contact for more information.
  • Blog Writing
    A year of blog articles 24 blog posts delivered 2 per month, 300-500 words: $35 per article Once a month cycle 12 blog posts delivered at once, 300-500 words: $40 per article Booster Pack 4 posts 300-500 words: $50 per article Single Article 300-500 words: $60 Contact for more information.


If you have questions or need help designing a package that best suits your needs, contact us for a free consultation. 


Still have questions? We'd love to help.

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Hann Digital (HD) is a boutique social media agency based in Canada that’s passionate about sustainable social media plans for businesses looking to make their mark online. 


Founded in the autumn of 2021, HD is growing quickly as we expand our client base to include a wide variety of businesses each making their mark in their own unique way. We work with our clients to create packages that work within their budget, goals, and existing resources to get the best results possible. 

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